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While plenty of Chinese immigrants speak English, many are more comfortable speaking in their first language, especially when dealing with complex, stressful matters. That is why all of our lawyers speak fluent Mandarin Chinese.

We are a full-service immigration law firm, and we can help you and your loved ones achieve your goals.  We are very familiar with the sorts of challenges that Chinese immigrants face when they try to come to Canada, and have solutions and strategies for overcoming those challenges. 

How Immigration Lawyers Help

When you apply for any immigration benefit you are launching a complex legal process that can go wrong in a dozen different ways. We help you anticipate issues and address them long before they result in a visa or permanent residency denial. We help you prepare your application packet so that it is done correctly the first time, and ensure that you provide the government with the proper evidence that it will require to take you seriously.

In the event that something does go wrong, we move swiftly to help you file an appeal, and fight for your right to remain in Canada.

Those who work with a immigration lawyer have a much better chance of making it to Canada than those who attempt to do this on their own. 

Immigration Benefits We Help With

We help with every immigration benefit and concern that it is possible to receive in Canada, including:

  • Temporary Residence Permits
  • Permanent Residency applications
  • Refugee and Asylum claims
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Application claims
  • Hiring foreign nationals
  • Deportation defense
  • Citizenship applications
  • Immigration litigation and appeals

We have decades of experience helping clients just like you attain their immigration goals. Our team will evaluate your unique situation and help you choose the strategy that’s right for you.


What are Temporary Residence Permits?

Temporary Residence Permits are for non-immigrants who wish to come to Canada to visit, study, or take a temporary job with a Canadian company. There are four types of TRVs.

Visitor permits are good for six months and can be used for tourism purposes, business purposes, or to visit family.

Study permits last through the entire course of your study at an approved Canadian institution of higher learning, plus 90 days. 

Work permits are issued when you have found a job in Canada, and last from a predetermined start date to a predetermined end date. 

Super visas are for the parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens. They last for ten years and allow visits of up to two years at a time. 

See also: Vancouver Mandarin Chinese Speaking Temporary Residence Lawyers.

How can I get permanent residency in Canada?

There are are multiple federal and provincial programs that can help you attain permanent residency in Canada. For many of our Chinese clients the key will be choosing the precise program that is the best fit for your situation.

If you are a professional with job skills Canada needs, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) or the Express Immigration programs might be right for you.

If you are an entrepreneur, investor, or business owner then there are multiple programs designed to provide permanent residency in exchange for investment into the Canadian economy.

If you are related to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or if you are their spouse or common law partner, you may be able to come to Canada under the family class sponsorship program. 

Those who make successful refugee or asylum claims may also become permanent residents, as can those who make a successful Humanitarian and Compassionate application claims.

For more details, see: Vancouver Mandarin Chinese Speaking Permanent Residence Lawyer.

How does one make a refugee or asylum claim in Canada?

You must qualify either as a Convention Refugee or as a person in need of protection. These cover individuals who have a well-founded fear that they will be persecuted due to their race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group, or political stance, or individuals who risks cruel and unusual punishment, torture, or death if they return home.

While it would be nice to think that every single person who needs help will get it, the truth is that immigration officials are looking for reasons to deny your application. We give you your best chance of getting your refugee or asylum claim taken seriously.

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What is a Humanitarian and Compassionate application?

Those who face some sort of dire hardship or extreme, insurmountable danger, or who will cause suffering and hardship to a Canadian permanent resident or citizen if they are forced to leave, may qualify for permanent residency on a case-by-case basis. This class of immigraiton is essentially a petition for Canada to consider your unique case.      

Because these cases are considered independently it is vital to have an immigration lawyer prepare your petition and gather your evidence.      

This is a common application type for many of our Chinese clients. But you must show that being forced to leave Canada, or being prevented from entering Canada, will cause undue hardship or extreme, insurmountable danger. The government will not make exceptions for just anyone.                                                  

How do you fight a removal order in Canada?

Your lawyer will need to either submit an appeal, file a Motion to Stay, or request judicial review at the federal level. If you are a refugee with a departure order you can ask for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment, which can result in you being granted leave to stay.

There are three types of removal order: a departure order, an exclusion order, or a deportation order. 

A departure order gives you thirty days to leave. An exclusion order not only asks you to leave Canada, but prevents you from returning for a specified period of time. A deportation order happens if you do not leave within 30 days of receiving your departure order, and can result in you being permanently barred from re-entry into Canada. 

You will need an immigration lawyer to fight any removal order. There are strict deadlines for protesting the order and any mistake could mean never being allowed to return to Canada. Having immigration issues in one country can also carry consequences in others. Take any removal order extremely seriously.

How do you appeal an immigration decision in Canada?

Depending on the nature of your case, your appeal will go either to the Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IAD), the Federal Court of Canada, or the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD). 

Most appeals start with a Notice of Appeal, filed by your immigration lawyer. You have very little time to file an appeal if you need one. Many require hearings; some can be handled in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

We help with all possible appeals, including refugee claims appeals, family sponsorship appeals, deportation defense, TRV appeals, and more. 

For more details, see: Vancouver Mandarin Chinese Immigration Appeals Lawyer.

How does one go about becoming a Canadian citizen? 

Citizenship offers many advantages. You can vote, run for office, take security clearance jobs, and leave the nation at will. Yet the path to citizenship can be a long one. 

To become a Canadian citizen, one must first become a permanent resident of Canada. You must live in Canada for a total of 1095 days over a five year period. You then apply, take a citizenship test, and take a language proficiency test.

While this sounds easy, citizenship still requires help from an immigration lawyer. There are issues that can arise. Some applicants will be denied and will need help appealing the decision. 

For more details, see: Vancouver Mandarin Chinese Citizenship Lawyer.

What is a Temporary Suspension of Removals (TSR)?

At times, Canada might recognize that conditions in another country are so severe that the risk it represents threatens the entire civilian population. Risks include armed conflicts, environmental disasters, famines, or other problems.

When this happens, Canada may trigger a TSR, a suspension of all removal orders against foreign nationals from that nation. Most recently, Canada issued TSRs for Ukrainian nationals already present in the nation. This has also been done for Afghanistan and Iraq, in the past. 

Why Choose Us?

Our team of Mandarin Chinese-speaking immigration lawyers has decades of experience handling all kinds of immigration claims. We are responsive and principled, and are devoted to helping you get your application done right the first time.

We are happy to explain every part of the process, and to go over potential issues and problems with you. We work hard to prep you for hearings, and we work hard to prepare for any immigration litigation that may arise.

Working with us will make a difference. Bring your questions and concerns. Every immigration situation presents unique problems and issues. We’re eager to help you solve yours. 

Chinese Lawyer Vancouver serves clients in Vancouver, Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, and White Rock. Call to set up an appointment today.

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