What is the Divorce Rate in Canada?

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Divorce is one of the social issues in Canada. It has several social and economic impacts on the country. Hence, the government has taken many initiatives to reduce the rate.

So, what is the divorce rate in Canada? Is it increasing or decreasing? Anything to be worried about?

Based on the latest stats, the divorce rate in Canada is at an alarming stage resulting in a 2.1 divorce rate (1000 people per year).

Let’s find more details in the following section.

What is the Divorce Rate in Canada?

Like every other country, the divorce rate in Canada is getting higher and higher with time. Compared to the current statistics, the rate is almost 38%, securing the 26th-highest divorce rate globally.

And despite the high rate, only 8% of Canadian couples go for a prenuptial agreement. However, the divorce rate in older couples, aged 50 years and above, is lower than in younger and newly-wed couples.

For your better understanding, here is a list of the current divorce statistics in Canada:

  • 40%-50% of the 1st marriages are predicted to end up in a divorce
  • 60% of the 2nd marriages result in a failed relationship leading to a divorce
  • 3rd marriages hold the highest divorce rate with a percentage of 73% failed marriages.
  • Married couples with agefse 50 and above have a divorce rate of 26%, which is the lowest compared to all kinds of marriages.
  • Any abusive relationship that ultimately leads to divorce has a rate of 34%.
  • The rate of extramarital relationship that results in a divorce is 27%.

N.B: It is a general estimation and only a glimpse of the current divorce conditions among Canadian couples.

What are the Main Causes Behind the High Divorce Rate in Canada?

Every year, the divorce rate in Canada is getting higher and higher. This eventually raises a question in our mind, what are the main reasons for such an uprise in the rate almost every year and then?

As every couple is unique from each other, so certainly it is quite impossible to find out the exact reason. However, there are some common prevalent grounds following which couples are forced to divorce.


The number one reason for couples getting a divorce is undoubtedly money. Almost all the stats show that a lack of fulfilling the basic requirements eventually leads to a constant fight among couples. This, in turn, gets bigger and bigger if not resolved over time.

And when there is no other way, these constant disputes become the root cause of divorce.

Another key point for money-related divorce is the huge earnings gaps among spouses. We see couples constantly fight each other over money because one partner earns more than the other.

As a result, when all these fights over money get out of hand, the couples ultimately decide to part ways thinking they can no longer live happily with each other.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at the below statistics to find out:

According to research, it is estimated that over 68% of Canadian couples strongly believe that poor financial condition or a clash over money is the ultimate cause of marriages ending in divorce.


Extramarital affairs are undoubtedly one of the reasons that can cause divorce. This is certainly one of the most terrible things one can do to their partner, who trusts you from the bottom of their heart.

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Constant Fighting

Fighting with your spouse is common. But if it continuously occurs, it’s a clear red flag. The fight may happen over a petty matter, but with some arguments, this can turn bad.

If the dispute gets resolved, it is completely fine. But if it doesn’t and both get fed up, this is an alarming matter.


Intimacy means both physical and mental connections. This issue needs special consideration if a couple lives in the same room but has no intimate connection. After all, a spouse is supposed to be the closest of all in terms of relationships.

Though several changes might come in a couple’s physical life, they should not impact their emotional life under any circumstances.

After all, for any kind of marriage, the ultimate goal is to make other people feel special and vice-versa. Therefore, if any couple doesn’t feel an intimate connection, this relationship is clearly on the verge of breaking.

Abusive Relationship

An abusive relationship, be it verbal or physical, is one of the most heinous acts that one can do with their partner. You are supposed to protect them no matter what in every situation.

Besides, it is a severe crime by law that comes with severe punishments like fines and prison terms, depending on the severity of the offence.

Drug Addiction

Drug addict never remains in their senses, with no control over their body and mind. So they remain in a bad mental condition to make decisions and care for others. In this way, they ultimately end up losing their spouse and children to the drugs.

Early Pregnancy

Becoming a parent involves a lot of mental preparation and sacrifices. Everyone can give birth to a child, but not everyone can carry out their duties and responsibilities. Hence, early pregnancy can be a cause of divorce.

No wonder several people complain that they don’t want a child as they are not ready f. As a result, many couples just flee by demanding a divorce.

Don’t Have the Same Feelings and Emotions

In many relationships, we see that couples who were once deeply in love now can’t tolerate the very sight of that person. Let alone feeling anything towards that person. Therefore, when a couple doesn’t feel that attraction or mental connection like before, the ultimate result is getting a divorce.

Lack of Compatibility

If there is no compatibility, chances are high that they will have several clashes in the future, resulting in a separation. After all, if you don’t like sharing your common interests or don’t value them, nothing will work out, instead of getting worse.

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Final Words

Every couple ties the knot with the dream of staying together till death separates them. However, you never know about the future. Even the most loving couple may get a divorce after staying happy for years.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Both of you need to give equal effort to make things work out and turn your imperfect marriage into a perfect one.

However, if there is no other way to fix the relationship, then for each of your betterment, the smart call is to end the marriage. For any kind of issues related to divorce, make sure to get in touch with an experienced lawyer. As only they can lessen your burden and make the entire route much smoother with their expertise.


What is Canada’s Divorce Rate in 2022?

In the year 2022, it was found that around 2.78 million Canadian citizens obtained a legal divorce and didn’t remarry. The statistics have increased a lot since 2000 when it was 1.88 million.

Why Are Divorce Rates So High in Canada?

Some of the common grounds for a high rate of divorce in Canada are poor financial conditions, cheating, domestic abuse, lack of compatibility, intimacy, drug addictions, etc.

What Country Has the Highest Divorce Rate?

According to the UN, Maldives has the world’s highest divorce rate, resulting in 10.97 divorces (out of every 1000 people per year).

How Long Do Most Marriages Last in Canada?

The average duration of marriages ending in divorce in Canada is considered 14 years. Around 42% of marriages end within 10 to 20 years.

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